Homemade Relaxing Lavender Bath Salts

Everyone loves a relaxing bath especially after a stressful day.

Lavender is known to be good for stress & headache relief, for improving hydration & relaxation and also to be an antidepressant! 

Scatter 1 tablespoon of your Lavender Bath Salt in your bath and start taking some time for yourself…


50g of big size salt (Himalayan / Epsom)
2g of Organic Vegetable oil (Sweet Almond / Apricot kernel / Calendula)
5 drops of Organic Fine Lavender Essential Oil*
A dash of natural ‘Lilas’ Mica powder
2g of dried lavender flowers (optional!)

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl
Put your blend in a jar

Enjoy ☺

*Please respect the due precautions when using essential oils
Marian notes that her parents` work published there in geology inspired her project.