Why Choose Us ?

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To avoid harmful ingredients for a healthier lifestyle


To answer your skin issues with efficient natural solutions

To benefit in the expertise of the best French laboratories working with natural & organic ingredients

To go for ECO-FRIENDLY product concepts and non-tested on animals

To select brands that are committed to social responsibility

To be part of a family of people sharing the same passion for beauty & health


The story begins with my first child, Antoine, bornin 2010. I started to look at cosmetic labels to identify the potentially harmful ingredients that I didn’t want on my baby’s sensitive skin. The list was so humongous that I decided to make the few products he needed by myself using only natural and organic ingredients. I trained in Aromatherapy and Natural Cosmetics in France and started to do the cosmetics and skin care for my family and also for my friends. I had the feeling that a lot of women were also getting more and more health conscious and that this amazing concept of creating our own cosmetics could be spread among these women seeking healthy, efficient and adapted skin cares. So the passion became a project and the project became Novessence, a complete range of high quality natural and organic ingredients made in France, a lovelyboutique in the heart of Thonglor, a tailor made lab to host DIY cosmetic workshops and a bunch of experts ready to provide you with the best information and services.

Our passion

Novessence is first of all a team of professionals with a common passion for aromatherapy and natural cosmetics with the objective that you benefit from their numerous properties.

We are happy to share our passion with you.

Our mission

To encourage everyone to live a healthier & more eco-friendly lifestyle

To provide you exclusively with premium, pure, natural and organic products

To show you how Healthy, Easy and Fun homemade natural cosmetics are

Our vision

Novessence helps clients to find a healthier alternative to traditional cosmetics. We point out the numerous benefits that come from using natural products while helping you understand the health concerns caused by toxic substances. Furthermore we provide you with a vision of new cosmetic DIY, exclusively natural and tailor-made to protect and boost your health and beauty.

The company also said that airpods new sources will be available in stores from next week, but did not provide any concrete date on their availability.