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In the shade of pine trees bent over by the winds of the mistral!

The brand NATURADO EN PROVENCE was born under the sun of Provence, between the Mediterranean’s turquoise waters and the pine forests, drenched by sea-spray and with the distinctive character and aromatic scents of the scrublands.
With the greatest respect for the environment, NATURADO EN PROVENCE formulas meet the requirements of the French Organic label “Charter Bio/Ecocert”, guaranteeing high quality and organic grade natural skincare.

The natural scents used in the formulas are developed in Grasse, perfume capital of the world. The choice of raw materials – preferably from Provence – is rigorous, and their traceability comes with a guarantee of complete transparency. All formulas are tested by an independent dermatological laboratory employing toxicology experts.

This stubbornly perfectionist attitude results in premium natural and organic cosmetics with high skin tolerance.

NATURADO EN PROVENCE differs from other labels that focus solely on marketing and scent, by being resolutely ethical, efficient and yet contemporary.


Rosalia - gamme

That which we call a Rose…

Historically, the rose was the most famous flower in the world thanks to its beauty and fragrance. No such renown for the Chilean WILD ROSEHIP, Rosa CaninaRubiginosa, and the oil extracted from its seeds, which have only been known for a few decades.

It was only in 1970 that Professor Valladares conducted clinical studies that demonstrated the extraordinary properties of this special oil, extracted from a plant that grows wild in the Andes.

Thanks to its high levels of the essential fatty acids Omega 6 and Omega 3, this oil is extremely valuable and beneficial. It helps the skin to regenerate and is also valuable in treating scars, preventing and reducing stretch marks, and fading surface wrinkles and brown spots.

ROSALIA skincare offers you the best of this precious oil in natural and organic formulas, with highly concentrated active ingredients.


BOHO GREEN, an authentic and conscious make-up brand!

BOHO GREEN combines beauty, natural formulas, sustainable development and social responsibility.


  • Exclusive and natural highly-pigmented formulas with excellent make-up results.
  • A new look at back-to-nature cosmetics (with raw materials from plants) that transforms make-up into genuine skincare.
  • A product concept that is eco-friendly from top to bottom, actively campaigning against excess packaging and choosing to use only materials for which recycling solutions already exist.
  • A logistics center committed to social responsibility (Work for the Disabled Aid Centre).
  • 1% of BOHO’s turnover is allocated to “1% For the Planet”.


In response to the need for simple and natural products, we have been designing and making environmentally-friendly “well-being” products for the home since 2003.

We design and make our products using eco-design and bio-mimicry. Bio-mimicry means observing and replicating nature’s work through the use of bold and simple technologies.

Eco-design follows the principles of sustainable development, and we adhere faithfully to those principles throughout our design and production methods.

All of our products are made in France at our workshop based in the Ardèche.

Our goal is to play a part in the development of a new ‘art de vivre’, as we aim to let nature come into our homes and to enjoy its benefits in a spirit of respect and harmony.


Novessence brand offers you a full range of premium organic and natural cosmetic products from France.

Every ingredient has been carefully selected by our team from the best natural & organic French laboratories.

Choosing homemade natural skincare is a great way to avoid toxic chemicals and to create a product that will be tailor-made to your specific needs, such as anti-ageing, hydrating or purifying, as well as your preferences in terms of fragrance, colour, or texture.

Give them a try, and discover how healthy, safe, effective and fun DIY natural cosmetics are!



Since 1997, François Cambell has been travelling the “Tea Road” in search of the best organic tea-growing estates, where working practices comply with fair trade guidelines.

As a creator of infusions, he understands them perfectly and constantly seeks out new tea blends, herbs, spices and flavours to delight even the most discerning of palates.

The range is prepared and packed in France, handcrafted by his team, which also includes disabled workers.

“For more than 15 years, convinced that there is such a thing as authentic taste,
I have been creating original recipes to delight tea lovers.”

François Cambell

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